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Cover LW



studio album - Lonesome Wolf - 2019




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The 3-p band from Antwerp plays with Joost de Lange on guitar and vocals, Ramses Donvil on drums and Mitchell Goor on the bass guitar. This Power Trio every time provides a smashing show with an impressive mix of mainly own work and also with some covers from Jimi Hendrix, Rory Gallagher, Stevie Ray Vaughan. Now you know immediately where to find these guys musically!

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  Cover Live in Antwerp site front Magic Crow

Live in Antwerp – 2017

This album confirms the excellent  

live reputation of the band!


Magic Crow – 2015

Top-class guitarwork, catchy songs

and tight drumming!

  applemusicAmazonSpotify  applemusicAmazonSpotify


Crazy times

Change It


Crazy Times - 2013

Firstclass Rock/Blues with 

brilliant guitarsolos and

a typical 70-sound!

Change It – 2011

Blues/Rock as it should be!

Awesome guitarwork, funky 

grooves and catchy refrains!

Outlaw – 2010

Guitarplaying that tells

a story!


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